Beverly Hills High School



Beverly Hills High School School is a government community secondary school, the school before was called Marothi secondary school before it was changed to Beverley Hills High School in 1999.

The school accept students from grades 9–12. The school is manage by MR V.H Gubuza the principal and is registered with the department of education. Beverly Hills High School committed to producing top academic results; each individual is encouraged to aspire to excellence in his or her particular field. Independent thought and entrepreneurial spirit are valued and supported.

An extensive selection of subjects is offered to meet the academic demands of senior students, while innovative education practice by the motivated teaching staff challenges students' potential and the development of higher order thinking. The Grade Controller system facilitates both a close working relationship with each student and monitors progress and development. Staff are available for academic support after school.

A comprehensive Life Skills programme focuses on vocational testing, career counselling and informative talks on issues that affect young people. Open communication is encouraged as part of the process, which aims to equip students with the wisdom to make informed choices on issues affecting adolescent life.

We are catering for approximately 1320 learners. We are a community based school that seeks to provide our learners with basic curriculum needs and to empower them with knowledge and life skills that will enable them to make a positive contribution to our country.

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Is to strive to present a complete individual to the community and whole the world.


Is to nature and develop our learner to archive academic excellence and to equip them with the necessary skills to become economically active and socially responsible citizen of the world


It is the aim of the school to produce young adults who are independent thinkers with physical and moral courage, who are articulate, well-mannered and tolerant, educated in the widest sense of the world, sensitive to the needs of others and responsible active members of society.


Physical | Mental | Spiritual


The following learning areas are compulsory.
Grade 8 to Grade 9
  • spellcheck ENglish Home Language
  • spellcheck First Language Options: Sesotho/Isizulu
  • spellcheck Second Language is English
  • spellcheck Mathematics
  • spellcheck Natural Sciences
  • spellcheck Arts and Culture
  • spellcheck Economic and Management Sciences
  • spellcheck Life Orientation
Grade 10,11 & 12
The following learning areas are compulsory:
  • spellcheck Accounting
  • spellcheck Geography
  • spellcheck Economics
  • spellcheck
  • spellcheck Mathematics
  • spellcheck Physical Sciences
  • spellcheck Mathematics Literacy